Loumar’s in Tagaytay City Offers Random Sweet Treats for the Sweet Tooth

We were exiting Tagaytay after that March 18th Batangas-Laguna-Cavite road trip when I remember getting something to bring home.

I was craving for ube jam but there’s no way I could convince the Temple Run king to go back and get one from Bahay Pastulan or Rowena’s. Good thing we’re just approaching Loumar’s at that moment.

Loumar’s is among the popular stores in Tagaytay City where you can buy some sweet treats. Pies, tarts, cookies, home-made candies, pastillas, and the like, are available here. You can also purchase trademark products of Cavite such as tahong chips, Amadeo coffee, and bottled honey.

Loumar's Cafe in Francisco, Tagaytay CityLoumar’s main branch is located in San Jose and the one that we got to visit is their branch in Francisco. This one in Francisco is the cutest (if the adjective fits describing a cafe) branch with the homey appeal of the store in general. A small pond with kois lies beneath a little bridge that leads to the main door.

And upon entering, you could smell something sweet in the air. And with too many sweet treats inside, you could barely recognize where the smell’s coming from. The cafe’s interior got some seats for the customers to stay at as they enjoy Loumar’s buko pie and a cup of coffee.

Across the counter and the sitting areas are the shelves filled with delicacies to crave for. I had a hard time choosing which ones to buy! Until I got two packs of meringue, one pack of pinasugbo (the candied banana topped with sesame seeds), and these two boxes:

Loumar's assorted pies and tarts | Tagaytay City Loumar's assorted tarts and candies | Tagaytay City

I got the assorted tarts so we could try all the flavors, the box contains 9 tarts at P160. Assorted boxes is always a good move so I bought another one that contains boat tarts, candies, local version of baby ruth, and the same small cute tarts my brother is making. This one costs P140 as far as I can recall. Haha.

For orders, you can contact Maricris Villanueva at the following numbers.
Globe : 0927-720-0101
Sun : 0933-936-9664
Smart : 0947-532-8183

*First photo insert was taken from the Facebook page of Loumar’s Cafe

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