Feel Good and Sip “Tsokolate-eh!” in Java Jazz Coffee

Java Jazz Coffee in Tagaytay CitySo you think you’ve been to all of the interesting places in Tagaytay? If you haven’t visited Java Jazz Coffee, then the answer to my question should be ‘no’.

Java Jazz Coffee is a humble coffee shop that showcases various things to satisfy your cravings for good food and visual arts. Owned by Red and Liza Raymundo, Java Jazz Coffee was conceptualized out of the couple’s fondness for coffee, music, and visual arts.

Although there are a lot of coffee shops that offer the union of these three elements – coffee, music, arts – Java Jazz Coffee being in Tagaytay City is an actual advantage because the ambiance is perfect for sipping coffee or Filipino hot chocolate.

The laid back vibe inside the coffee shop is complemented by the artwork displays of local artists. The art collection is called “Sining sa Sahig”.

So if you’re driving to Tagaytay this weekend and you want to check out something new to vent all your stresses in work and personal life, head to Java Jazz Coffee and run after your peace of mind.

Java Jazz Coffee is located at 442 Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City, Cavite.

Photo: coffetalk2010.wordpress.com

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