Destinations in Tagaytay City We Love Visiting

I can still remember old trips to Tagaytay City. Getting there always feel like reaching the best retreat for a tired soul. This city still remains a favorite among travelers over the years.

The best things we love about Tagaytay? Here’s a rundown. The breeze and that romantic ambiance draw visitors in this part of Cavite. Next to Baguio, it is known that Tagaytay City is famous for people who would like cooler weather.

And of course, the reason why inventors flock around Tagaytay? The captivating view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

Best places to visit in Tagaytay CityI remember when I was in high school, we had a couple of field trips to Tagaytay. Back then, the most visited spots were Palace in the Sky, the Picnic Groove, and Taal Vista Hotel. Throughout the years, there have been a lot of new destinations to choose from: hotels, spas, restaurants, and more restaurants.

We love dining at Leslie’s Restaurant and warm our tummies with their famous bulalo. Taking a bite of the Mushroom Burger will as well complete your Tagaytay trip.

Sonya’s Garden on the other hand is a top favorite for couples who love driving away from the metro. This B&B is also a good choice for weddings.

If you need a spiritual retreat to take off your weariness, I’m recommending Angel’s Hills Retreat and Formation Center. I’ve been here twice, not for a retreat though. I had two Regional Higher Education Press Conference here and those were both memorable ones. You’ll love the peaceful vibe here and their accommodations, too.

What do you love about Tagaytay City? Share us your thoughts. 🙂


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