Noveleta, Cavite (Population, History,Barangay, Gov. Officials, Events)

The Municipality of Noveleta (Filipino: Bayan ng Noveleta) is a fourth class urban municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 46,336 people.

Noveleta was originally a barrio of the municipality of Kawit. It was made an independent pueblo on January 5, 1868 by Gen. Jose dela Gandera y Navarro. Ironically, Noveleta was referred to by the Spaniards as Tierra Alta meaning higher ground in view of the fact that it was more elevated than Cavite la Punta (now Cavite City). The place was also called Nueva Lete (new fate or fortune) and Nueva Isla (new island). A legend tells the story of a beautiful maiden named Violeta who was betrothed by her father to a Spanish officer against her will. The unhappy girl, who was already engaged to a young Katipunero, committed suicide on the eve of her wedding to the Spaniard. The Spanish officer cried in deep anguish for the loss of his love, “Madre de Dios, no Violeta!” The phrase “No Violeta” eventually became “Noveleta.“ Noveleta has the distinction of leading a pivotal role in the Philippine revolutionary activities in Cavite. It used to be the seat of the Magdiwang Council of the Katipunan, the counterpart of the Magdalo Council under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. The capture of the Noveleta Tribunal on August 31, 1896 was led by Mariano Alvarez, founder and president of the Sangguniang Bayan Magdiwang. Its revolutionary name is Magdiwang, meaning to celebrate a momentous event. The revolution against the Spanish colonialism produced five brave and able military generals and tacticians from Noveleta in the persons of Mariano Alvarez, Santiago Alvarez, Pascual Alvarez, Luciano San Miguel and Ariston Villanueva. Colonel Santiago Alvarez later emerged as the hero of the Battle of Calero Bridge.

Noveleta is politically subdivided into 16 barangays-Barangay Chairmans:
Magdiwang-Dennis Baquiran
Poblacion-Erwin Alvarez
Salcedo I-Teodorico Gomez
San Antonio I-Benjamin Ledesma
San Juan I-Elvira Magat
San Rafael I-Susanito Molina
San Rafael II-Hernan Alvarez
San Jose I-Jaminar Angkico
Santa Rosa I-Gloria Fernandez
Salcedo II-Rolando Reyes
San Antonio II- Emelito Lontoc
San Jose II-Rolando Reyel
San Juan II-Emiliano Cate
San Rafael III-Jessie Dela Paz
San Rafael IV-Renielito Castro
Santa Rosa II-Wilfredo Aquino

The agricultural sector in Noveleta centers on crop production, fishery, livestock and poultry raising. Fishery is a major source of livelihood in the municipality. Around 100 hectares are utilized for aquaculture and fishpond activities, most of which are in Brgys. San Rafael II, III, and IV. The main products of Noveleta include bangus, prawns, crabs, tilapia, mussels and oysters. The fishponds are converted to saltbeds during the dry season. A big enterprise, which spurs the output in the service sector, is the presence of the Noveca Industries in Brgy. Sta. Rosa. Manufacturing is limited to light and medium industries such as sash factories and several garment factories. Other activities are the manufacture of furniture, iron gates and grills, and hollowblocks. The construction boom, on the other hand, is due to the mushrooming of residential subdivisions in the area. A number of commercial establishments are located along Noveleta’s major thoroughfares. Small retail stores, service firms, and some medium scale enterprises, dot the municipality. There are specialty stores engaged in the trade of construction supplies and materials, auto parts, furniture and home decors, sportswear as well as fresh food items like meat, fruits and vegetables. Also based in the town are three pharmacies, eleven bakeries and two gasoline stations. The tourism industry in Noveleta relies mainly on its coastline with the Manila Bay bordering its western portion. Restaurants, cottages, conference rooms, and social halls/pavilions are situated along the beaches of Brgys. San Rafael III and IV.

Municipal Officials
Municipal Mayor :Enrico Alvarez
Municipal Vice Mayor :Joventino Olaes
Municipal Councilors :
Rizalin Sese
Eleonor Cerezo
Dr.Wilfredo Anglo Jr.
Atty.Rizalie Pinpin-Enero
Edwin Salud
Michael Diaz
Eric Garcia
Diosdado Palustre
Gloria Fernandez (Liga ng Barangay (ABC)President)
Marjorie Eugenio (Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President)

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