Naic, Cavite (History, People, Places, Businesses, Events, Churches, Facts)

May 2001. Having his desktop computer with a dial-up internet connection, that later became a line connection (both having a speed of about 50 to 100 Kbps), John Xavier “Junjun” B. Nepomuceno had an idea of trying to create a website.

Nepomuceno experienced trying different websites to host his personal website. It was like having an online tutorial to learn something new. He started his site-making-practice in, improved in,,,,,, and

The experimental stage of site-making continued for a year. Filling up the templates was over as Nepomuceno learned to practice “file transfer protocol” (ftp) from MS Frontpage. This marked the time for the, from the latter part of 2002 until the first quarter of 2003. Entitled “Jun Online: JOLOGS,” with “” as URL, Nepomuceno introduced a webpage for the history of Naic, Cavite. The said webpage contained Ryan N. Sebastian’s brief history of Naic.

Summer of 2003, Nepomuceno decided to transfer from Netfirms to, after discovering “Easy Upload” of Geocities—easier and faster than ftp. “Just Online!” was the first title of the Geocities site, and the start of “” For months of using MS Frontpage, he then tried to layout his site using frames. Frames were gone as he improved his site in Geocities as “JXBNEP Online 2003.”

Little space for Naic in Nepomuceno’s personal website then was over. As he welcomed 2004, he launched his “jxbnep online! John Xavier B Nepomuceno’s Personal and Central Website.” This time, Naic became a major section of the site as “History.” The articles in “History” were focused on retrieving the history of Naic particularly those that happened during the Spanish Era.

In months, the layout of the latest site was changed (termed as “JXBNEP Online Evolved!), and “History” was renamed as “Naic in Focus.” This was the time that published articles (in internet and newspaper) about Naic were reposted in “Naic in Focus.” The concept of “Naic in Focus” continually changed as Nepomuceno started posting current affairs on the section. Meanwhile, 2004 was considered as the “blackout year” for “Naic in Focus” as all the files related to it were erased from the memory of the computer. Nepomuceno was not able to retrieve the files mostly related to the Parish’ celebration of “Taon ni Maria,” as well as the detailed documentation of the hail (frozen rain) that happened in Naic.

In addition, aside from the Guestbook (, Nepomuceno tried to make “Naic in Focus” interactive. “Forum Naicquenos” hosted by was opened, as well as the Yahoo Group, and also the Friendster counterpart ( Though “Forum Naicquenos” and the Yahoo Group were unsuccessful, the Friendster account was good enough to attract Naicquenos around the globe.

In 2005, for visual refreshment and to improve the website, Nepomuceno re-layout and changed the name of the site. He then named the site as “Heraldo Naicqueno.” Influenced by the name of his organization during those time, Heraldo Filipino (a student publication), “Heraldo Naicqueno” continued as a central website containing his personal information, literary pieces and other compositions (like the documentation of the weekly homilies), and of course, writings about Naic.

Early 2006, managing and maintaining the website was stopped as Nepomuceno focused on school activities and thesis writing. However, a claim was posted on the main page of the site: the site, particularly “Naic in Focus,” would open again on April 1, 2006.

To avoid the laborious laying out of the site in MS Frontpage, Nepomuceno decided to use as the new place for the site of Naic. It was during those times that was emerging as a networking site. Aside from making use of the as his personal blogging site, he anticipated also as a good site for visitors to post their comments on every issue that will be posted. As Nepomuceno dedicated an entire Multiply account for Naic, he then considered “NAIC ONLINE 2006” as its name.

NAIC ONLINE 2006 was both controversial and record breaking. “Prostitusyon sa Naic” as its first original post (other entries before the said article were taken from the old “Naic in Focus” section) became a “silent political issue.” On the other hand, Naicquenos around the globe discovering NAIC ONLINE increased surprisingly—though there were records that in 2004, the website had overseas visitors already.

It was also in 2006 that for the first time, a vast and wide coverage about Naic was considered and documented, “Ang Hagupit ni Milenyo sa Naic.”

For more than a year of being in, NAIC ONLINE (dropping 2006 in 2007) was able to maintain regular visitors. About 60 to 85 percent are from the United States, 15 to 26 percent are from the Philippines, while others are coming from Japan, Korea, Guam, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Monaco, Norway, France, Saudi Arabia and more.

Presently, NAIC ONLINE considers 2007 as the period for technological advancement. The old desktop computer is now rescued by the laptop computer. Dial-up and computer shops were no longer the bridge to connect online, as 100Mbps-internet connection is now placing NAIC ONLINE to the world wide web. The digital camera is also a big help for the website. Another milestone for NAIC ONLINE made possible by these technologies is having NAIC ONLINE in, which was launched last July. Now, NAIC ONLINE can go with the current trend in the web, video streaming.

For about 6 years, NAIC ONLINE learned its lesson, and is still learning: Information Technology, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Education, History, Research, Writing, Journalism, Ethics and more.

Today, August 27, to continue the tradition of giving relevant information about the essence of being a Naicqueno, NAIC ONLINE transforms itself as NAIC CAVITE ONLINE, with a new layout depicting some pieces of being a Naicqueno: tricycles, rivers, coastlines, etc. Also, NAIC CAVITE ONLINE launches its newest section, “Kwentong Naicqueno,” to let the Naicquenos personally share their own stories.


    Bagong Kalsada
    Bucana Sasahan
    Bucana Malaki
    Capt. C. Nazareno (Pob.)
    Gomez-Zamora (Pob.)
    Ibayo Estacion
    Ibayo Silangan
    Kanluran Rizal
    La Toria
    Malainen Bago
    Malainen Luma
    Munting Mapino
    Palangue Central
    Palangue 2
    Palangue 3
    San Roque
    Timalan Balsahan
    Timalan Concepcion

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