Places To Visit in Maragondon, Cavite

If you haven’t been to Maragondon, Cavite, you should plan now visiting this town. There are sites within this town where you can see cultural sites, nature wonders and could offer you lots of activities especially this summer.

So here are some of those places to visit in Maragondon:

Andres Bonifacio Trial House and Shrine
The house served as venue for the trial of Andres and Procopio Bonifacio in 1897. It was fully restored in 1999 under the Estrada administration. The site is a public museum and is open for visits from Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is free. Location is Poblacion 2.

Mount Palaypay/ Mataas na Gulod
Proclaimed as a National Park in 1975, these are part of the so-called “Hikers paradise ” being visited by mountain climbers, students and nature lovers.
Location: Mts. Palay-palay and Mataas na Gulod.

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church
This 382 year old church was recently declared by the National Museum as a Historical and Cultural Site. It is located at Poblacion 1.

Old Houses
Maragondon has structures built during the Spanish era. They compliments to the historical events of the town. To name such are the following:
Riego de Dios Ancestral House – Location: Poblacion 2B, Maragondon, Cavite
Don Vicente Somoza House – Location: Poblacion 1A, Maragondon, Cavite.
Biangge House – Location: Barangay: Caingen, Maragondon, Cavite.
Punzalan House – Location: Poblacion 2B, Maragondon, Cavite
Dolorfino House – Location: Caingen, Maragondon, Cavite

Beaches and Islets

These areas are suitable for snorkeling, scuba diving, aqua culture, fish breeding and other water activities. These two islets can be developed into a world class tourist spot and research/training island resort.
• Beaches of Sta. Mercedes – facing the South China Sea, the blue waters of Sta Mercedes is a lovely little paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Location: Barangay Sta. Mercedes
• Carabao Island – one of the last frontiers of Cavite, it offers a splendid view of the coastlines of Cavite province. Location: Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite.
• Limbones Cove – a sitio of Barangay Sta. Mercedes, this place is a haven for tropical corals and fishes. It is excellent for snorkeling and nature tripping. Location: Barangay Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite.

Dona Juana Resort
A resort located between the boundaries of Bucal 4 in Maragondon and portion of Naic, Cavite. This resort offers an Olympic size swimming pool and cottages. Location: Barangay Bucal 4.



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