The Tale of the Growing Dragon Fruit Industry in Indang, Cavite

dragon fruit - Indang, CaviteHow many times have you tried eating dragon fruit?

It may not be the most familiar fruit we know in the market but for a couple residing in Indang, Cavite, their dragon fruit business has indeed turned into a fruitful endeavor.

Silan’s Agri Farm, owned by Eddie and Shirley Silan, is the largest producer of dragon fruit in the province. What started out as a curiosity transformed into a huge thing for the Silan couple.

It all began when they saw a neighbor planting vine. Eddie then decided to grow the vine in their backyard and a year after (cause it takes a year for the fruit to grow), they discovered that it was dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit (Hylocerus undatus) originated in Central and South America where it is called pitaya or pitahaya. This fruit belongs to the cactus family and is known for its strange appearance. Often round, with red or yellow (or pinkish) rind and green leafy spikes. Inside is the sweet white pulp with tiny black seeds all over.

When the dragon fruit craze erupted in the country, the Silan couple have been growing this weird-looking fruit on their farm. Lots of them, in fact. They began supplying to supermarket and big companies who need the fruit.

Dragon fruit is now growing on around 20 hectares of land in Indang, which may soon be declared as the dragon fruit capital of the Philippines.

Researches claim that dragon fruit is rich in anti-oxidant, skin moisturizing properties, and can aide in one’s metabolism.



  1. My sincerest congratulations with this fine young citizen of Cavite and the loving and caring people around him. He, Kesz, deserves your eternal admiration and support. I am proud with you and for you! With great admiration and touched in the heart I remain
    Henk J. van der Vaart

  2. Hello po! Im Rose Fortich, a soapmaker. And I am planning to make beauty soap on your Dragon Fruit. I am from Bacoor , Cavite and I love making soaps from an original fruits and a local produced. Can you please send me your contact number so I can buy your fruit. Thank you so much!-Rose 09167508770

    • Fred Espinosa says:

      Would like to know if dragon fruit available in your farm now ….asking for your contact number…..thanks

  3. Jess Tumala says:

    Hi poh!
    I’m jess poh from the province of siquijor…
    Magtatanong lang poh sana ako if anong klase ng soil poh ang dragon fruit pwedeng matanim…
    Thanks poh….

  4. Jess Tumala says:

    Great day!
    I’m jess poh from the province of siquijor…
    Magtatanong lang poh sana ako if anong klase ng soil poh ang dragon fruit pwedeng matanim…
    Thanks poh….

  5. RONA CANINDO says:

    Helo po sir…pwde po ba bumili ng pantanim ng dragon fruit po sa inyo?

  6. vivian abueg co says:

    Hello po….interesado po ako na Makita ang farm ninyo and to bring some foreigner tourist!!!! I live here in San Diego California USA (originally from Rosario (Salinas) Cavite) and plan to visit and bring a few foreigner friends to tour in the Phils. They are interested to see an exotic fruit farm there. Please let me know if you allow for tourist to visit your farm and what month is the best to go there for harvest to taste the dragon fruit.

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