The Many Food Wonders in Asiong’s Carinderia

Asiong's Carinderia - where to dine - Cavite CityGoing to a place as interesting as the province of Cavite is not complete without having an adventure to please your palate and tummy.

If you happen to visit Cavite City, you should not miss this popular carinderia in Caridad — Asiong’s Carinderia. If Filipino dishes are what you often crave for, Asiong’s your heaven on earth. But wait this is not just your typical Pinoy carinderia. They’ve got a menu that may not be too familiar with you but will make you fall in love… at first bite.

Asiong’s most popular dish is Pancit Pusit (or Pansit Choku en su tinta). The vermicelli is cooked in squid ink so beware of ink tint on your mouth after eating this oddly-looking yet very tasty noodle dish.

As mentioned earlier, they have usual Filipino dishes but most of them come with a twist of a non-familiar ingredient. Like their kilawin which has green papaya and cabbage and their Adobong Pula which has a reddish brown sauce (while Batangas has the Adobong Dilaw).

You know how we Filipinos love sweets. Leche flan is one of the simplest and the sweetest treats in the line-up of Filipino desserts and its one of the best-sellers in Asiong’s because they have the thick and creamy version.

And oh, have you tried Tamarind halaya? Wouldn’t you want to try something new?

Another thing why Asiong’s Carinderia is a haven for travelers is their pasalubong corner. Why not bring home a bottle of bagoong na itlog ng isda for a change? Or a bottle of sukang sasa (vinegar extracted from the sap of a nipa tree).

With the old-house carinderia, dining in at Asiong’s Carinderia is like eating in the comforts of your own home. And with dishes that sound and taste even more interesting, Asiong’s will not disappoint you.

Asiong’s Carinderia is located at 719 P Paterno Street, Caridad, Cavite City. Call them up at 0926-713-9400.

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