International School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (Academic Programs and Contact Information)

Pursuing a career in the hospitality and tourism industries? The International School of Hotel and Restaurant Management might be one of your best options. Learn more about ISHRM with the following:

ISHRM School System is located at Tirona Highway, Habay, Bacoor, in the historical province of Cavite. ISHRM is a duly registered corporation under the laws and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines.

Since 1999, ISHRM offers quality education in Hotel and Restaurant Management under the permit and supervision of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

It provides its students relevant learning experiences necessary in pursuing a career in Hospitality, Business and allied industries. Competency based curriculum is implemented to ensure maximum acquisition of skills while managerial and leadership qualities are honed through theories and principles being practiced in the industry. Today’s skilled workforce will be the next generation leaders as well.

ISHRM commits itself in providing the students the qualities of leadership and competence in the service industry; to be possessors of moral and spiritual values and the development of the students through quality education to become total persons committed to the service of the people for the glory of God.

ISHRM envisions an innovative and practical environment for the students developed through quality education; useful in their fields of specialization, God-fearing and excellent citizens of our country.



BSHRM is a four-year program under the permit and supervision of Commission on Higher Education (CHED). It was ladderized in 2006 under EO 358 therefore, HRM per qualification programs are already embedded in the curriculum. Students who take this program will acquire qualifications, trainings and exposures needed by employers in the exciting but competitive hospitality industry. It has a competency-based curriculum that is also mapped with courses needed by students to be developed as future supervisors and managers.


HRM Certificate Programs are focused on specific qualifications in the Hospitality Industry. The program completion for six certificates is two (2) years. It is under the permit and supervision of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). ISHRM School System is one of the pioneering institutions in the country to implement these programs. Each qualification is using a COMPETENCY-BASED-CURRICULUM which aims to develop different levels of competencies in hospitality industry occupations.

Major in Human Resources Development Management

Human Resources Development Management is one of the most in demand field in management due to the industrialization of many places in the country. There is a need to have the right knowledge and skills to manage the manpower of public and private companies. This is to avoid legal problems and promote harmonious labor and management relations.

BSBA Major in Human Resources Development Management is a four-year program under the permit and supervision of Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This program focuses on developing students as Human Resources Managers. Each semester offers courses in social sciences, general education, and fundamental and advanced management of all the resources of the entity especially its most important resource – its people.


This course is for people who want to enter the retail industry. The student will learn how to communicate effectively in a retail workplace (malls, department stores, supermarkets, boutiques, and specialty shops), perform routine housekeeping duties, practice and perform hygiene and workplace safety procedures.


This course is for people who are interested to learn how to work in the retail and mall environment as a team leader. Modules in this course will focus on how to update and develop industry knowledge, handle merchandise logistics systems functions, and perform visual merchandising.

Tirona Highway, Habay, Bacoor, Cavite
046-870-34-58 / 970-15-51

EVY Bldg., Salawag and Molino Blvd., Dasmarinas, Cavite


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  1. Ma’am /Sir
    International School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
    Habay and Damarinas Campuses

    Currently, we have the SEEDS (Skills Enhancement and Educational Development for Students) program, which is a joint undertaking with the Department of Labor and Employment under their Youth Education Youth Employability (YE-YE) program.

    This program aims:

    1. To help qualified students pursue post-secondary education through the provision of financial assistance.

    2. To enable students to acquire job competencies – skills, attitudes and work values through in-store training, thus enhancing employability upon completion of post-secondary education.

    I am sending you the primer and SEEDS Orientation for partner school for your reference.

    You may contact the undersigned for any queries regarding the program. You may reach me thru my celphone number 0918-9168938 or to the contact details below. .

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Mheann C. Zacarias

    Jollibee HR – RBU South Luzon
    (02) 634-1111 local 7771

    (02) 631-6273

  2. can i ask if there is another branch of ishrm here in cebu?
    i want to know because next year im going to graduate here in the seminary i just want to be a chef

  3. i just want a fast reply of my question because i am crazily inlove of making my own ingredients.thank you by the way im cromente of cebu city minor seminary at juan luna avenue

  4. Bookbinding Service

  5. can i ask if there is a branch in davao city?

  6. is there a branch here in las pinas?and if ever what is the contact number

  7. Christine Brand says:

    Hi. I’m interested to go to your branch in JY square, cebu. And since it’s an international school, i was wondering if foreign people also apply there? Or they mostly filipinos?

  8. Rhics baltazAr says:

    Hello Mam/Sir im student of ISHRM habay campus. in habay its a very beautiful campus and all the prof. its so very kind..

  9. Jennell Labra says:

    I’m going to be a future student in ISHRM Bacoor, and I want to know if there are subjects concerning Physics and Chemistry. So, are there subjects like Physics or Chemistry? Thank you. 🙂

  10. Jean Calabag says:

    Just want to inquire, is there an entrance exam in your school? what are the sched. May I
    the tuition fee how much it costs? I am just thinking where to enroll my son, he will be graduating in highschool this March. He wants to take up HRM.

    For your immediate reply pls.

    Thank you.

    • john cromente says:

      you could ask your son where he want to study… you can also send him in san carlos major seminary in cebu city

  11. ..mag kano po yung tuition pra sa 1st yr 1st sem?

  12. Violeta Magat says:

    Hi, I would like to know how much is your tuition per semester in you HRM-Ladderized course,(4 years), do you have entrance exams for students, thanks for your reply

  13. i would like to inquire how much is the estimated tuition fee for 1 semester. Im planning to take a 2 year or a 4 year course in your cebu branch at JY, lahug. please reply asap thnx

  14. How much is the tuition fee here? May major ba ang HRM dito? Like major in culinary arts? And if I want to be an octoberian, what is the procedure?

  15. can i ask how much is the tuition fee for a year..including the misc???

  16. John Dave says:

    hi…helllo…what is the website of ISHRM?

  17. ma’am/sir

    tanong ko lang po dito po ba sa SALAWAG DASMARINAS CAVITE branch ninyo may mga night shift schedule for the working students? ..malapit lang po kasi dito sa amin.. nalalakad lang po. How much is the tuition fee?, 2 yr. course lang po sana plano kung kunin.. service crew po kasi trabaho ko ngayon..


  19. haaaaaaaayyyy says:


  20. ask ko lng kung may international On The Job training kayo????san po???

  21. my tourism bfo b kau?ung 2yrs.lng tnxs

  22. my two years course po bha sa HRM?

  23. is there anyone know how much is the tuition fee for 1 yr of hotel and restaurant managemnt ( a course for 2 years?
    and can we pay thru credit cards?

  24. Sir/Ma’am, Is there an entrance exam in ISHRM Bacoor? When it will be? How much the tuition fee costs? I need your response urgently. Thank you!

  25. slicity11 says:

    do you have an evening class what courses did you offered

  26. gd,pm poh! meron poh,b kau course culinary arts? like 3 month or 6 month? meron din poh,b kau enrolment by feb? how much,poh? salamt poh!

  27. we are in need of a faculty who has a PhD in business and has experience in setting up the tourism department of the college here in Dubai. Those who are interested may send their RESUME or CV thru email to

  28. Good day sir/ma’am! Im Iriz from Caritas health shield Inc. an HMO, I just want to ask if you a Health Card holder already? or do you have health card,especially for the teachers and staffs also. if none, just want to introduce to you the Health card/ Health care plan we are offering from Caritas…Just reply to me if you’re intersted or not… and If there’s anyone who is interested, and you want to refer to me, it will be highly appreciated…If you have any question just ask it also…Thank you and Godbless…
    contact me here at 09159739361, or on my email add

  29. Mhei Berroya says:

    I just want to know if may octoberian po ba kayo?

  30. Hi! this is mary ann, from pulang lupa las pinas…i just want to ask how much is your tuition fee, i;d really want to enroll seriously in ISHRM.. actually may friend ako dyan but we still hadn’t the chance to talk yet about your school. but base on my research your school is good and the best school in cavite. so, i do really hope to be a part of ISHRM student…

    thank you…hope for your reply soon..

  31. good day sir/madame,
    i just want know if how much your fees per sem in BSTHRM. 🙂

  32. what is your fax address?

  33. Good PM. 🙂 I just want to know if you have a bachelor degree hrm. Thanks. 🙂

  34. camille moya says:

    gud day scholarship program po b ang ISHRM?..mgknoh po b ang tution fee?..

  35. hello i would like to ask if they offer a techvoc course like care giver?thank you looking forward to here from you god bless…

  36. good day sir/madame,
    i just want know if how much your fees per sem in BSTHRM. 🙂
    AND to enrol..
    what the rquirements

  37. Tammy Grafilo says:

    Hi ask ko lng kung hanggang kelan pedeng magenroll ng HRM?

  38. Jessa mell lunar says:

    Hello po open na po ang Bs culinary nyo sa bacoor diba.

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