Cavite State University (Vision, Mission, Objectives)

About Cavite State University

The unchained female figure, holding a book, represents the empowered Filipino woman. She is today’s contemporary woman – a mother, a nurturer, an educator, and a servant to humanity. She is also beauty personified.

The male figure with a pen and a torch represents the dignified Filipino father. He is being shown as strong, prominent, dignified and excellent in his field of endeavor besides being portrayed as a true searcher of truth. The flame of the torch carries the letters CvSU for Cavite State University – serving as the guiding light of his noble quest.

The interlocked arms of the man and the woman signifies unity of purpose and direction.

The child figure with a dove, in a dynamic pose standing on top of the pillar, represents the youth in general and recognized as the proverbial hope of the future that needs molding and nurturing. The dove being reached out by the child, symbolizes peace and freedom.

The central pillar symbolizes growth and development. It represents humanity’s common aspiration for an improved quality of life – a kind of development with equity and harmony. It is ever growing, ever aiming higher but always deeply rooted in history.

The entire artwork is mounted on a CvSU logo-shaped base to serve as a fitting reminder to the entire CvSU community of its great responsibility to remain faithful to the University’s vision and mission and to hold sacred its tenets of TRUTH, EXCELLENCE, and SERVICE.

Upon completion, murals will be installed on the sides of the base. These will depict the important historical events that took place in the province of Cavite and throughout the Philippines. The murals will portray events showing Filipino’s life and spirit under imperial Spain and other colonizers including Filipino’s continuing struggle for freedom and independence.

University Vision

The Premier University in historic Cavite recognized for excellence in the development of globally and morally upright individuals.

University Mission

Cavite State University shall provide excellent, equitable, and relevant educational opportunities in the arts, sciences and technology through quality instruction and responsive research and development activities.

It shall produce professional, skilled and morally upright individuals for global competitiveness.


In addition to, and in support of its mission and policies embodied in the charter, the University shall:

1. provide a general education program that will promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral intergity and spiritual vigor;

2. train the nation’s manpower in the skills required by national development;

3. develop professions that will provide leadership for the nation;

4. advance knowledge through research work and apply new knowledge for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to changing societal needs and conditions.


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  1. I am an alumnus of Cavite State University – Science High School. And I am one of the witnesses in the fast development of the university. I acclaimed that the university is serving at its best to educate the youth through quality education. It also promotes skills for global competitiveness. And I assure that the truth, excellence and service of the university as the real educational institution in the province of Cavite continue to be served and acknowledged through the test of the time.

    Kudos Cavite State University and to all your endeavors!

  2. I am Proud to be CvSUans!

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