Popular Pasalubongs from Cavite

It depends on the city or town you have visited in the province. Most tourists would be lured to buy some goodies before heading home.

Here are some pasalubongs or delicacies you can bring home after a trip from Cavite City or Tagaytay City.

If you visit Cavite City, don’t forget their special tamales. This delicacy is made of a mixture of ground peanuts and galapong (rice flour) with pork and/or chicken, hard-boiled egg, and garbanzos. Wrapped in multi-folded banana leaves, this tamales is very Pinoy in taste and in packaging.

If you visit Tagaytay City, you have a couple of items to choose from. Topping the list is the fresh pineapple! Sweet pineapple, that is.

Buco tart is another favorite pasalubong from the second summer capital of the Philippines. Mini-buco tarts are available in Rowena’s or in Angel’s Hills Retreat House. If you want the larger serving, then have a buko pie.

Good Sheperd’s ube jam! Oh, my favorite. I love spreading ube jam on cookies or fresh bread. Speaking of cookies, you might also want to drop by at the Pink Sisters convent and buy their famous angel cookies.

Cavite is one of the biggest producers of seafood. Fond of eating tahong (mussels)? Then bring home a bag of tahong chips which you can check out on pasalubong stores around the city. Tahong chip is best paired with vinegar and chili combo dip. A bottle of beer might complete the enjoyment. Wink.

Now I’m craving for these delicacies. Munch time folks!

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