Chavacano, Do you still speak this Dialect?

Chavacano or chabacano is the dialect mostly spoken by the majority of the Caviteños.

Chavacano or Chabacano originated from the Spanish word chabacano which literally means “poor taste”, “vulgar”, “common”, “of low quality”, “tacky”, or “coarse”.

Its origin has begun during the arrival of the Spaniards three centuries ago.

Nowadays, only few Caviteños speak the chavacano dialect mostly elders, it will possibly vanish in the near future.

During the stay of the Spaniards near the military arsenal in Cavite City, the people that lived in the proximities of the arsenal put themselves in contact with the Spaniards and began to incorporate in their own dialect many Spanish words which gave birth to a Hispanic – Philippine dialect called “Chabacano” of long ago and of today.

Nowadays, in the same city of Cavite, it still exists. Nonetheless very few Caviteños speaks of this hybrid language. The survival of this dialect depends on their people, the Caviteños of the city of Cavite, who have inherited this dialect from their ancestors. Some now live in Olongapo City and so far there are only less than 500 people who could speak this language, mostly the elders.

Chavacano is majority spoken by the people of Asia’s latin City- Zamboanga City.

Oh well, I just hope that this dialect would not completely disappear for this is one’s way to recall the past of those Caviteños and who adored this dialect.



  1. Chavacano is NOT a dialect but a LANGUAGE.

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