Rituals and Dances of Cavite and Their Meaning

Cavite may be popularly known as the Historical Capital of the Philippines and well of course, for the tourist magnet, Tagaytay.

But the province is also keeping and enriching whatever belongs to the cultural department.

Here are the rituals and dances of Cavite as stated in the province’s website.

Mardicas Dance – a war dance popular in the town of Ternate

Karakol Dance – people dance on the street with the image of their patron saint and then a fluvial procession follows right after the parade on the streets

sayaw sa apoy - rituals and dances in Cavite

Sanghiyang/Sayaw sa Apoy – a pre-colonial ritual celebrated by firewalkers of Indang and Alfonso. It is a fusion of the elements of folk religion, magic, and Christian faith. It is done to give thanks to Bathala for the blessings given to the people.

Live Via Crucis or Kalbaryo ni Hesus – done during the Holy week, this is the town folk’s answer to the late parish priest of Cavite City, Msgr. Baraquiel E. Mojica’s challenge to have a more meaningful observation of the Holy Week.

Photo: www.alfonsotourismcouncil.com

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