Tejeros Convention

Tejeros Convention

It was in Tejeros, a former sitio and now one of the 33 barangays of Gen. Trias, where the National Convention was held on March 22, 1897. Known as the Tejeros Convention, it was here that the Revolutionary Government was established. It was the forerunner that shaped the First Philippine Republic.

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  1. Jay Lopez says:

    The casa of the Tejeros hacienda is clearly inside the town of Rosario, not General Trias. Everyone is free to see the site where the casa once stood. History should be corrected. Even the History of the Filipino People by Agoncillo mistakenly referred to General Trias as the site of the Tejeros convention.
    Although Barangay Tejeros is in General Trias, Barangay Tejeros Convention is in Rosario. It is in Barangay Tejeros Convention of Rosario where the hacienda casa of Tejeros once stood. At the time of the Tejeros Convention, Rosario was already a municipality separate from General Trias. Rosario was founded in 1846.
    The barangay name “Tejeros Convention” was adopted years after the convention. However, the area used to be known as Tejeros, the Rosario portion of Tejeros.

    • You are correct Mr. Jay. 🙂
      I was there a few months ago and there was this underground passage underneath the renovated convention center.

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