Historic and Horrific: The Two Faces of Corregidor Island

Were you among those [us] who look forward to watching Halloween episodes of Magandang Gabi Bayan (MGB)? My cousins and I were. That was back in the days when the show was still airing and I was braver than I am now.

I only hear about Corregidor Island in History class and in Magandang Gabi Bayan. The first one because as we all know that the rocky island is one of the country’s treasured historical sites. That’s basically why tourists are going there for, right? But then there’s the MGB-inspired tour, or should we rather say ghost hunting.

So, do you know now where to spend the long weekend of Undas this year?

Corregidor Island tours - ways to enjoy - ghost storiesCorregidor Island carries a lot of stories of the World War II, of heroism, of defeat and forgotten faces, of souls wandering around. If you’re one paranoid being, you can really get some creeps enough to hold you from enjoying a meaningful experience.

There are package tours which you can avail to explore the island. Lucky you if you have Carlos Celdran as your tour guide. Haha. I came across Anton Diaz’s Our Awesome Planet blog entry on ways to enjoy Corregidor Island. If you have time to read, jump to the article from here.

The hospital is one spot in the island that is said to be haunted. There used to be a Balete tree near the hospital. A tree, which according to hearsay is where ghosts and other supernatural creatures live.

Yes, ghost hunting can be part of Corregidor package tours so if you know someone who has an open third eye, tag that someone along. That’s if you truly want to have some goosebumps all throughout your trip.

The hospital was where the Jabidah Massacre occurred, hence the reason why it is claimed to be haunted by restless souls. The lateral tunnels of Malinta is also a portion of the island that kind of giving creeps to tourists. Well, probably because some tunnels can freak you out a bit but this one isn’t as you can actually delight on a lights and sounds show here.

How do you see Corregidor Island? I hope ghost stories you here about the island don’t drive away you away from visiting it. After all, it’s historic, not entirely horrific.

Photo: jmichael2690 on heylog.com

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