Fort San Felipe

Fort San Felipe

Fort San Felipe is an old structure dating back to 1609 when the Spaniards built it to to protect part of the then growing city. The structure is made of granite blocks with walls approximately 30 feet high. A wide stairway leads to the top of the fort where a concrete house structure could be found. Naval memorabilia including antique cannons and cannon balls decorate the lawns.

Location : Sangley Point Naval Base, Cavite City
How to get there : Take a Saulog bus going to Cavite City pasing through Aguinaldo Highway. Tricycles or jeepneys could then be taken to the place.
Travel time : 1 1/2 hours from Manila

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  1. how much the entrance fee?

  2. how much is the entrance fee

  3. Good day! I would like to inquire how much are the entrance fees of the following spots:

    1. Fort San Felipe
    2. aguinaldo shrine
    3. Gen. Baldomero Shrine
    4. Andres Bonifacio House

    Hoping I can get a reply the soonest. thank you very much.

    • jean quinto says:

      its been years but I still would like to answer your question hahha, you might actually know the answer by now, but anyway..

      Fort San Felipe is not open for public, its under by the Philippine Navy,
      while Aguinaldo Shrine is the one that is open to public
      and the rest i dont know, hahaha

  4. pano po pumunta diyan …. ?

  5. onti ng description tangina naman, di nakatulong sa research namin putaragis hayup ka

  6. James florendo says:

    Badtrip ung mga nakabantay sa labas ng
    Fort di naman tourist friendly mga bantay jan
    (Ung mga naval guards di kaminpinapasok
    Naka bike kaming dalawa ng tropa ko)
    Wag nalang i advertice ung fort kung di naman
    Pde pumasok


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